Kulan is an original work for groovy chamber ensemble. The instrumentation is violin (Erik Carlson), viola (Tawnya Popoff), cello (Jeffrey Zeigler), saxophone (Dan Willis), Mark Vanderpoel (bass), drumset (me), and includes an electronic track. listen

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This is an arrangement of a wonderful Bela Bellow song I made for a group years ago. What I like about it, besides the awesome musicians that played on the track, is that I had a chance to record all the drums and percussion (pitched and non-pitched) myself. Fun!! I was joined by Helga Davis (vocals), Dan Willis (EWI and saxophone), Erik Carlson (violin), Tawnya Popoff (viola), Peter Sachon (cello) and Dave Philips (bass). Roger Bonair-Agard provided the beautiful words. listen

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You will not immediately recognize this Tito Puente classic. This is my second arrangement of this iconic song. The first one is for percussion quartet and was performed numerous times by The New York Percussion Quartet. (Music available.) This version is a larger instrumentation and includes more beautiful words by Mr. Roger Bonair-Agard. Ensemble members include Dave Philips (bass), Erik Carlson (violin), Jeremiah Bills (flute), Richard Mannoia (clarinet), Tawnya Popoff (viola), Paola Prestini (background vocals, grunge), Milica Paranosic (background vocals, grunge) and me (all drums/percussion and grunge). listen


NOLA from "Rhythmic Roots" for snare drum, hi-hat and bass drum.

Tres from "Rhythmic Roots", for snare drum, hi-hat and bass drum.

Batucada from "Rhythmic Roots" for snare drum, hi-hat and bass drum.