Percussion On The Sound (POTS!)

In 2009 I moved to Long Island, only minutes from my job in Lincoln Center. I realized that there are many wonderful percussion students and teachers, but very few opportunities for young percussionists to perform as solo and chamber musicians - something that young pianists, violinists and jazz musicians do, on a regular basis. I decided to create that opportunity. Percussion on the Sound, or POTS! for short, debuted on June 8th, 2019, at Hofstra University, with a concert of solo and chamber music performed by young percussion students.

POTS! performs a wide range of percussion works; form afro-Cuban and Brazilian samba music, to seminal percussion ensemble works by composers such as John Cage and classic music masterpieces that teach the importance of musical expression and syntax. Every rehearsal begins with 15-20 minutes of ear-training…it’s fun, actually! We sing through common chord progressions, try to demystify music theory, and then rehearse for a couple of hours.

The 21st Century is the pinnacle for percussionists. We have moved from the back of the orchestra to the forefront of modern music. Please support these young, amazing musicians.