These are a few of my favorite places to visit. Some are places to learn and some are places to buy.

YAMAHA MUSIC | I’ve been with Yamaha for many years and played their instruments for years before that. They are reliable instruments that fit into so many musical sound profiles. It would be difficult to perform so many venues in New York City without them. I’m a huge fan!

ZILDJIAN | The most iconic name in cymbals. Some of the best instruments you can get. I use them every rehearsal and every concert, in my orchestra. Beautiful sounds and endless possibilities. I’m a proud member of the Zildjian family.

INNOVATIVE | Again, a natural fit. I’ve always used Innovative and now I officially use Innovative. Great sticks and mallets. They feel custom made.

The Juilliard School, Pre-College Division | The JPC Division is an amazing program for high school age students interested in music. It’s busy and very rewarding. Students perform professional-level repertoire while they develop excellent musical and life skills.

IMSLP | For a tiny fee per year, or free if you don’t mind waiting a few seconds, you can download thousands of parts and scores to study. This website offers sheet music that is no longer copyrighted. It’s an amazing resource. Note: make sure to check the music. Sometimes they publish things that contain printing mistakes. Nonetheless, it’s fantastic.

SZ/Boston Conservatory Percussion Database | Sam Solomon started this project and delivered it to Boston Conservatory, where it now resides. This is a great resource when searching for repertoire for a recital, competition or audition. I encourage you to use it. It’s fantastic!

New York City Ballet Orchestra | “George Balanchine famously said ‘See the music, hear the dance.’ For Balanchine, true ballet required the total integration of music and dance. When he founded the New York City Ballet after the War as Ballet Society, the Company included a full orchestra—and this orchestra has played for every performance of the New York City Ballet in its home theater ever since. With a schedule of seven performances each week of rotating repertoire, the 62 members and three associate members of the New York City Ballet Orchestra perform together over 200 times each year an active repertoire of more than 250 ballets.”

New York City Ballet | “New York City Ballet is one of the foremost dance companies in the world, with a roster of spectacular dancers and an unparalleled repertory. The Company was founded in 1948 by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, and it quickly became world-renowned for its athletic and contemporary style.”