Method Books

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Snare Drum Technique: Essential Exercises for Everyday Practice | Used by many educators and institutions, Snare Drum Technique: Essential Exercises for Everyday Practice is a concise, effective method for developing and maintaining a strong snare drum technique. It addresses many of the fundamental strokes necessary to perform with dexterity and musicality, in any musical setting. It was cited in the March 2015 issue of Percussive Notes as one of the 30 most utilized snare drum method books of all time.

"It's a really terrific collection of exercises to warm up and challenge your technique!" - Greg Zuber, The Metropolitan Opera

"I've found Pablo's book very useful. Not overwhelmingly long, just smart, practical and to the point (refreshing in this day of epic method books). I look forward to sharing it with my students." - Eric Charleston, Manhattan School of Music

"It's so much more concise and can easily be integrated into the weekly snare drum lessons without the overkill of a 200 page method book. Bravo!" - Dean Witten, Rowan College

"The polyrhythm exercises alone are worth the price of the book" - Tom Morgan, Washburn University, review in PAS News



Accompaniment Music for Solo Snare Drum, Vol. 1 | These tracks are original melodic and harmonic material, intended to be used with Douze Études Pour Caisse-Claire by Jacques Delécluse. They have precise timing, but they also include melodies and harmonies that inspire relaxed playing, suggestive phrasing and added levels of confidence when performing these challenging solos. They have been successfully used to prepare for competitions and major auditions. You can sample the accompaniments before you buy them. Don’t forget to download the free score after you purchase all the tracks.